84-IT is pronounced "Aid for IT" and that's exactly what we do. We're an independent service provider in closed and open source applications and IT systems management. But apart from that, we serve our customers in a great deal of other IT related questions. We assist in the implementation and maintenance of ERP software, help automate logistic processes, set up VOIP technology and build company websites. What we bring to both short-term and long-range projects is our vast experience in IT services and our typical Dutch hands-on approach. As we're not a producer or re-seller of any software or hardware, our advice is always 100% independent. For more about what we do, have a look at our project cases!

Accessible IT services

Bugs in your software or a printer that just won't work? Sometimes you just need a service provider to perform simple network maintenance tasks and solve day to day IT problems. A skilled IT partner that handles problems efficiently, and provides practical solutions. 84-IT is that partner. We'll solve software and hardware problems on site, or we'll address issues remotely. And we'll happily help you set up your business more efficiently IT wise, offering simple improvements that are easy to deploy.

Our IT consultants

Consultants in 84-IT's network are professionals who've worked in Finance, Logistics and E-commerce. They have hands-on experience with data analysis and data mining, SAP, ERP, VOIP and web design. Their knowledge of programming and scripting languages ​​is impressive. But above all, they have the passion to transform information technology into direct value for their customers. Want to know more about 84-IT? Please contact us by phone or email with your questions, or make an appointment!



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At 84-IT we are specialized in closed and open source application and IT systems management. But our passion and mission is to explore and to tailor innovative IT solutions that are of direct value to our customers. And by doing what we do best, we keep learning and reinventing our services every day.